Meet Daniela

Known amongst her friends and family as "the modern day Martha," for always being creative and innovative, she was born to be an artist and photography is now her platform.  The circle of life has brought her back to the north suburbs of Chicago where she grew up, and now lives with her husband John and two boys, Austin 3 and Owen 1 month.

Like many new childhood photographers, her passion started the day her first son was born. As luck would have it, photography runs in her family so when she was able to 'borrow' some camera equipment from her mom, she never looked back.   The last three years have been spent studying photography and learning from nationally recognized photographers. Fast forward to today and a new camera system later, Little Click Photography, which started as a passion project has turned into a business.  Now specializing in newborn and childhood photography, Daniela has an eye for capturing moments that can not be re-created.

A note from Daniela

Being behind the camera for the first time felt like I should have been doing this my whole life, which is when I knew it was my calling. I can remember growing up and my mom constantly having a camera in my face, making me do annoying poses and hearing her say, "you'll thank me later."  Little did I know how deep that would resonate with me, as I now get to relive my own childhood from countless baby pictures and memories that I would have otherwise not remembered. Now having my own kids and seeing them grow up so fast, and not wanting to miss a moment, I find myself saying, "you'll thank me later," and knowing how true that statement is. 

To me being a lifestyle and fine art photographer lets me tell a story and create the emotion of what your family means to you. I want my clients to be able to look back and remember not so much what they did that day, but how they felt that day. By creating a laid back environment, my clients are able to relax and feel comfortable by being themselves. Will I guide you and give you cues?  Sure, but you'll never hear me hollering at you to "say cheese."  To be able to create someone else's story through the eye of my lens has been the  greatest joy in my professional career to date.

I look forward to working with you all and telling your story!